Career | 5 Tips for LinkedIn Success!

Hey everyone!  So we all want to be successful, but where do we start?  LinkedIn is a huge tool that can help you on your way up the career ladder, no matter what your profession.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of it!

xo Laura Leigh

2 thoughts on “Career | 5 Tips for LinkedIn Success!

  1. balanceoriented

    This was a great video Brandi, thanks for posting. I have to change my profile photo pronto although I wonder if it makes a difference in my technical individual contributor role! I That said, one of my goals is to move to the technical to a managerial role and I always wonder about reaching out to successful women in general about tips on how to make the transition. So, this video certainly pushes me in that direction.

    1. Brandi | Bay Area Brandi Post author

      Hi there! So glad this was helpful. I would say that a better photo certainly won’t hurt things at all, it can only help. Also, go ahead and reach out! You will definitely be glad you did. Let me know how things go for you! I am rooting for you!


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