Christian Louboutin Nail Polish: Worth the Splurge?


I recently stopped into the Christian Louboutin Boutique in NYC on a business trip.  I bought a few (post coming soon!) pairs of shoes.  I had the best experience there, and I owe them a Yelp Review!  My sales person, Michael, is also a Director at CL, and he was amazing.   Since I bought so many shoes, he threw in a free Christian Louboutin nail polish!  The polish retails for $50.00.

First, that was a miracle, because I NEVER get anything for free.  EVER.  But, on to the review!

I brought my polish to my local nail salon, and everyone was fascinated with it!  Not necessarily because it was CL, but more because of the over-the-top shape of the bottle.  I settled in for my manicure and then observed.

I noticed that the polish went on very smoothly.  Also, I could have been fine with one coat of polish, but my nail tech applied two coats.  The polish dried very shiny, even without a base coat.  Here is what my nails looked like that day:


The color dries on the nails a bit darker than in the bottle, which is normal for a lot of nail polishes.


So I thought I would track how it wore during the week.  Some things to know: I keep my nails functional length – pretty short.  I find that it makes my manicure last longer.  I also don’t do a lot of dishes (we have a dishwasher) and if I do – I wear gloves.  My nails have limited exposure to cleaning products.  I do a lot of typing: I work a corporate job, so I am constantly on my computer.

I waited until 2 days after my manicure to capture another photo.  The polish was still looking good, but was starting to chip a bit.


You can see the chipping on my index finger.  This is similar to the performance that my Essie or   OPI polishes would do.  Those retail for $8-9.

By day 3, I was having some major chippage.  It was time to remove the polish.


This is my left hand.  I am right handed, so this hand gets the least amount of wear.


This is my right hand.  Apologies for the hangnail.

For me, the Louboutin nail polish would not be worth the splurge.  I found that it wore similarly, if not worse than much less expensive brands.  I also realize that different colors may have different formulations and different results.  However, at $50 per bottle, I will go with my theory that my dollars are better spent elsewhere:  like on his shoes!


xo Laura Leigh

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